This page is about the application of the technology of transformation to the transformational products offered in the world today. For transformation as a concept and information on how to do it, you want the transformation page.

Intention, Background, Instructions

  • Inaccessibility.
    • Costs money.
    • You have to do something about it; transformation can't be done to you.
    • Lots of the materials are very dense and hard to understand. Lots of doublespeak.
    • Sometimes there are restrictions on who can participate.
  • Settling people's hash
    • Question: Has transformation become about building, rather than escaping, the Matrix?
  • Problems with effectiveness.
    • Failure to be of service; failure to actually solve the problems people are really dealing with.
    • What if we solve individual complaints but leave larger problems unsolved?
    • This is related to the tremendous distance between transformation and people. When the nine-year-old girl was gunned down in Glendale, the community wouldn't have been well-served by invitations to an introduction to the Landmark Forum. There would have been much more potential in people who just *DO* transformation showing up and *DOING* transformation.
  • Bad measurements.
  • Is there a central inauthenticity about transformational methods?
    • Here's an idea: Transformation has been about what Transformation wants, not the people it's for. Transformation has been for itself instead of being for the people it's for.

What arises in the new space?


Much of this has been written with a Landmark-style format. Maybe that's not the most effective way; it assumes that someone has already accepted some kind of request to show up and commit some time, and maybe some money. Inside the commitment that transformation can be something you do to or for someone, the formatting should be set up so you can just do something with someone and they naturally become part of the inquiry without having to accept any requests off-the-bat.

What about a "party" format?

We have Tupperware parties and Mary Kay parties and Pampered Chef parties… Why not a party where you're not going to get asked to buy or sell anything? A party where the whole goal is to find out what you'd really like and see if we can do something about it?

Party Ideas
  • Debugging Party: Everyone comes with something in their life, or some part of their life that isn't working as well as they'd like it to, and we spend a couple of hours debugging it.
  • Love Party: Inquire into what love has meant for us; introduce the new definition; acknowledge where love already exists and create new love where there currently isn't any.
  • Super Power Party: Inquire into your already-existing superpowers and the capes that hold them back–the tragic flaws–and clear some room for new superpowers.

Transformation that Just Happens

Format conversations so people can know them, be them, be clearings for them to happen, and cause them out in the world, in their lives, whenever there's a space for them. It's shaping up that way now, actually.

A Church

Meet on Sundays, create something kinda like Unitarian Universalism, and see how much it can expand. Of course this is doomed to failure because a church without judgment won't last, but maybe it could save some souls (so to speak) before fading off into obscurity.

Infiltrating Other Churches

On a slightly more nefarious note, go into churches and start pulling the judgments out; showing people their superpowers; teaching them how to create new ones. Of course this will also doom those churches to failure but in the best of all possible ways: by empowering the people so they don't need the church anymore.

Seminar Program

Create another Landmark-style knockoff group. Ugh. I'll leave this to other people.

Self-Help Book

Write a book that could appear on something like Oprah and get it out there.

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