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 === Parts 1 and 2 might get merged. === === Parts 1 and 2 might get merged. ===
 I'm no longer convinced that a distinction between them is useful. I'm no longer convinced that a distinction between them is useful.
 +=== This page will be refactored. ===
 +===== Refactor =====
 +  * You will come in with whatever you have.
 +    * We will introduce you to the new paradigm.
 +      * The core of human motivation
 +      * From fear to love
 +      * Selfishness is useful
 +      * Community and Interdependency rather than hierarchy and independence.
 +  * We will give you a space where you can take a look at your life from a distance, and see how it's working.
 +    * You will get a place to voice all your complaints. **Everything** that doesn'​t work to your satisfaction,​ bring here.
 +    * You'll list most or all of your relationships in life and track how you think they'​re doing. (Don't worry; there'​s a lot of time for this.)
 +      * (I wonder if you're going to start finding out here that your perception isn't reality.)
 +    * You get to say who you want to be; wish you could be; think you could never be.
 +    * We will totally support you with structures and measurements for you to become who you want.
 +  * When you are upset, we will give you tools to get past it and do what you want in a hurry.
 +  * You will expand your ability, or create an ability, to give up judgments.
 +    * You will practice this for a while. (There will probably be a course of a dozen or so judgment worksheets with varying instructions,​ to guide you in developing your skill.)
 +  * In time, you will recognize patterns in your judgments. (We'll set aside time specifically for inquiring into these patterns.)
 +  * Someplace in here--I'​m not sure where--there will be a conversation about the nature of reality. Because the stronger your relationship is with reality, the more your life will work.
 +  * You will find out about your super-powers and the capes that come with them.
 +    * You'll learn how to take the capes off and leave them where they'​re not a danger to anyone.
 +  * You'll learn to invent new super-powers right when you need them.
 +  * You will get to find out what really makes you tick; what really drives you; what you're really committed to.
 +  * You may discover an overarching theme or "​act"​ that has governed much of your life.
 +  * We will show you, when you are ready, the central problem with all human life, including yours.
 +    * You will suddenly and dramatically have new choice.
 +    * We'll have you sit down with your commitments for a while and ask if you'd like to create a new... something. Identity? Possibility?​ for yourself. That you can live into.
 +      * Mine, for example: "Who I am is the possibility of a world that works for everyone."​
 +  * We will ask you to restore integrity to 100% of your life, and we'll support you in doing so.
 +At some point during the above, you'll wish that people in your life, or everyone in the world, were involved in what we're doing here.
 +  * We will keep you from taking matters into your own hands prematurely!
 +  * You will have plenty of chances to get the people in your life involved. (Though to be quite honest, I'm not sure what those will look like.)
 +  * Stick around long enough and you will naturally become someone who causes it to happen to others.
 +    * For the rest of your life, you will be someone who is building a world that works for everyone.
 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
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