This is such bullshit.

  • Completing an Upset should probably be a “defined conversation” that depends upon most of Part 3.
    • Acknowledge what was expected, what was left undone, and what was left unsaid.
    • Acknowledge any judgments you have about these things and put them aside. (You can always pick them back up later.)
    • Acknowledge what you are committed to (inh) that has you make those judgments.
    • Acknowledge what you are committed to that has you wanting things to go the way they didn't.
    • Complete what wasn't said. Most likely by writing it down and then either delivering it or not.
    • Check to see that you are in a space of nothing.
    • Recreate the commitments you've created for yourself, who you are committed to being, what you are committed to contributing, etc.
    • Take stewardship: accept what has happened and what is so, and create what you are going to do about it, consistent with your chosen commitments.
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