The Relationship of Presence to Each Part

  • 1 - Needs
    • Inquiries
      • What would be the impact on your life if you had everything you needed?
      • What do you have that you need? What are you missing?
      • Where are you told needs and you hear wants, or vice-versa?
      • How is your relationship with yourself?
  • 2 - Wants
    • Inquiries
      • What would be the impact on your life if it were the way you wanted it to be?
      • Where are you told wants and you hear needs, or vice-versa?
      • What things that you want, do you not let yourself have?
      • How far are you from your ideal?
      • How much of loving yourself is becoming, and how much is accepting?
      • What does it say about you that this is all how it is?
      • . . . that you are willing to ask these questions?
  • 3 - Identity
    • Inquiries
      • What are your judgments? (IOW, what doesn't work for you about other people?)
        • Where do you perceive that others are not hearing what you're saying?
      • Where do you not hear what someone else is saying to you?
      • What are your super powers?
      • Where have you taken the wrong lesson from an experience?
      • What are the underlying contexts of your life? (Expand)
      • How do you cope?
      • Who are you that you will take this look at yourself?
    • Meditations
  • 4 - Being Complete Within Yourself
    • Inquiries
      • What do you know would have integrity that you don't allow yourself to hear?
      • Where have others told you what was incomplete and you heard something else?
      • What is incomplete for you?
      • Who are you that you would do this work?
    • Meditations
  • 4.5 - Being Complete Outside Yourself
    • Inquiries
      • What is incomplete for others about you?
      • Where have others told you what was incomplete and you heard something else?
      • Who are you that you would even think about doing this work, much less actually doing it?
    • Meditations
      • Being with complaints
      • Being with other people
  • 5 - Your World and Reality
    • Inquiries
      • Where do you hear evidence where there is none, or when you are given evidence, you hear something else?
      • What do you believe?
      • What do you know?
      • How do you really know anything, anyway?
      • What's real?
    • Meditations

I think this basically covers what there is to be present to for each part of the process.

Specific things I'd like to address in the area of listening:

When someone says “I don't see how x is going to y,” transform the reaction to that. Hell, while we're at it, transform the speaking of it.

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