Commitments are the reasons (ultimate reasons) you do things. You don't have to be aware of them, but being aware of them can greatly increase the quality of your life.

They fall into two categories: inherited commitments, which you didn't consciously choose, and chosen commitments, which you did choose. (Maybe there should be a category for those which were chosen freely versus decided upon consciously, say, in order to something.)

Commitment and part 1

Commitment and part 2

Your complaints about the world, and the aspects of your dream life both point to commitments that you have inherited and accepted, for how you want yourself to be, and how you want the world to be.

Commitment and part 3

Part 3 is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to commitment. Your innermost inherited commitments are exposed and replaced (wrong word, but it'll do for now) with chosen commitments, which are created in the now.

All inherited commitments come from the most basic and core commitment: Survival.

:?: All created commitments come from two central enlightened commitments: Expressing Love, and Improving your World.

Commitment and part 4

Commitment and part 5

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