If this is a city, the Tactics are the bricks and mortar; the studs and the drywall. Principles and protocols that can be implemented immediately to produce an immediate result.

A tactic can be an exercise that you take on by yourself or in a group; a lecture; a video; something to read.

The page for a tactic should contain:

  1. The goal, intention, or purpose of that tactic;
  2. Clear distinctions of what is and is not necessary to fulfill on it;
  3. The specific steps to take, words to say, questions to ask;
  4. Warnings about what can easily go wrong; and
  5. Anything else that turns out to be necessary.

In general, the tactics that exist here work through telling stories of how they worked for the storyteller: what life was like before, what they did and learned, and what life is like now. The stories here are all mine right now. With time and success, my stories should be able to be factored out and replaced or augmented by others.

Most of these pages do not meet the above criteria.

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