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 +[[strategy:​Transformation]]:​ "​Reform"​ is a common desire, but usually replaces old problems with new ones. Here is how you take something that exists, with problems, and turn it into something completely new and distinct, unbounded by the original problems.
 +===== The Long Game =====
 +Here is an essay I wrote some time ago, explaining how I thought my little project might go. It will change, as plans always do.
 +=== Stage Zero: Not Much Happening. ===
 +I've been writing this on my own for a few years. Gradually I've gotten a few people excited, and that's basically where things are now.
 +=== Stage One: Bootstrapping;​ Create a Single Cell. ===
 +Getting a small body of people--I'​m thinking 6 - 12--who have life experience and knowledge, skills and abilities together to work on life. (Ooh! Maybe more than one group! Wouldn'​t that be fun!) This stage has a few directions to push in:
 +  * Begin the work of transforming our lives. Experiment with ways of measuring what matters to us. Accept contributions,​ critiques, coaching, from each other.
 +  * As we find things that work for improving the things we want improved, look for abstractions (patterns) we can factor out of our experiences,​ and develop those into something from which one could coach.
 +  * Make a big picture and lots of smaller pictures.
 +**This stage shouldn'​t be rushed. Give it a few months at least.** Get everyone to where their lives work the way they want them to work. As this is going on, be paying attention to what works and what doesn'​t as far as coaching and contribution go. We already have a lot of that figured out.
 +Everybody look around at parts of the big picture. The idea is to build a world that works for everyone. That's got a lot of moving parts. Pick a couple that you want to take on. **Don'​t try to grab everything yet! Don't bite off more than you can chew!!**
 +=== Stage Two: Reproduce and Evolve ===
 +Start looking for people who are interested in what we're doing. Try out the patterns we've factored and see where they could be improved. Maybe, with enough people, we could do some basic studies of what works better. **Measure, measure, measure!!**
 +Meanwhile, keep paying attention to what's effective and what isn't in coaching people. Start factoring patterns out of that material. It will be necessary later.
 +Start assembling things into a set of materials with as broad a scope and domain as possible; as adaptable as possible. There are a few use cases that I'm sure we will already target:
 +  * New church (or un-church)
 +  * Seminar program, like so many others
 +  * Curriculum and possibly a meeting group to be marketed to life coaches
 +  * Classes that could be offered as electives in high school / college... seminaries...
 +We're not starting to build these things yet. We're just preparing.
 +=== Stage Three: Create Retroviruses ===
 +By this point, the set of abstractions should be fairly well-developed and useful. It should be possible to coach someone using the abstractions and have it really affect desirable changes in their life. Seek out relationships with people in positions to affect change, or if you are in such a position, use it. If you're in a church leadership position, start using it. (A volume relating the patterns to scripture will be invaluable.) The idea is to take the ideas, the patterns, the abstractions,​ and the ways of making them work for people, and quietly inject them into as many organizations as possible, so people start getting exposed without having to sign up or show up for anything.
 +As this is going on, everyone starts assembling a team of people for each of the areas they want to affect; the projects they want to build. You're basically going to do with each of those teams what we did in stage 1 with each other.
 +=== Stage Four: Multicellular Experimentation ===
 +Start implementing the ideas you've been working on. Use your teams. Make things happen. Be amazing.
 +Start looking at what we've already created and see where transformation of the thing itself might be possible.
 +**My crystal ball is fuzzy; maybe a little more fuzzy than yours, maybe a little less. This is where my vision starts to get hazy. I don't know all of what will happen from here.**
 +=== Stage Five: Evolve to Exist In Every Possible Niche ===
 +Look around--be always, always looking--for areas where service isn't being provided. Create things to get in there and get things to happen. Don't be afraid to break the mold, as it were, and radically alter the way the patterns and abstractions get applied and shared. Speak to people where they'​re coming from. Get out there. Get in there.
 +=== Stage Six: Who Knows? ===
 +Does the work we're doing ever become an emergent entity? Does it develop a consciousness of its own? Do we bring the singularity to pass? I have no idea. Let's get this far and see what's out there.
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