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FIXME as a “style thing,” I would like to replace “inauthenticities” with “problems,” which is shorthand for “things that don't work.”

The process through which one gets out of the Matrix is what I call Transformation. In other traditions, it's been called other things, like recovery, repentance, self-improvement. Transformation works by first noticing something that lacks integrity or is otherwise inauthentic, then by acknowledging the inauthenticity and its consequences in such a way that they are completed and disappear. After that you create something new and authentic in the space where the inauthenticity used to be.


(Being not present is, itself, inauthentic. The way you deal with that is by noticing and acknowledging the degree to which you are not present, and then creating listening in the space where your absence used to be.)

If there is anything that we consistently do and do well, it's ignore things. We are masters of not observing things. We've spent considerable time and effort over many, many years building a society where you don't have to pay any attention at all to things you don't like. We've come up with really clever ways to not see what's right in front of our face. I submit as conjecture that probably the #1 thing we ignore is what we don't like about ourselves.

Why Transformation Works

Transformation works on things that exist only in language. In the realm of physical things, if you re-create something that already exists, you have two of that thing, but in the realm of language, you get nothing – the thing that you re-create disappears. Transformation is useful because making things disappear by re-creating them leaves a space where there isn't anything, where you can create something of your own choice. Authentic creation by humans, through choice, in a space of nothing, usually results in new and exciting futures – futures worth living into – for the person doing the creating as well as whoever they share their new creation with. This is what we call “leadership.”

Noticing Problems

Central and Fatal Flaws

(Ah-hah!! I knew that the phrase “fatally flawed” was going to have to link somewhere and I'm pretty sure this is it!)

If you spend enough time listening, noticing inauthenticities, re-creating them, causing them to disappear, and then creating new futures in their space, you will eventually converge on a central inauthenticity: a pretense from which all other pretenses arise. When you discover and give up this ultimate pretense, the process of transformation is complete.

(Within the context where we're usually exposed to transformation, someone has gone to the trouble of transforming humanity as a class – a class to which you belong and are a single instance – and then applying that transformation to you as an instance of the whole class. Transformational programs do not transform you: they transform what it means for a human being to be a human being, and then, inside of that space, you transform yourself. This is an important distinction.)


Creating Something New

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