This page is, in terms of “Getting Things Done,” a “tickler file.”

Pages That Should Probably Exist


The Good Ideas Bureau is going to need a defined structure once it's more than a small handful of people involved. It might be worth creating that structure now.

We're going to need a lot of investment in reading, research, development. Actually, as I write this, that's about all I can think about.

Signing Up

At the risk of creating some jargon, I want to play with this idea. If there becomes something that's part of this that requires a commitment, the act of making the commitment should be understood by those overseeing things, that there is no such thing as what's being committed to. What you are committing to when you sign up is your life; what you're signing up for is life.

This is related closely enough to the idea of investment that I think they should go together, on the same page.


Stewardship Part of stewardship has to be accepting, and living from, only actions produce results.

FIXME There are different bits of Stewardship scattered across the wiki. They should be assembled here, and an essay written about them.


Community Definitely should exist. ;-)



  • Coaching has some info on trust.
  • Zion alludes to misplaced trust in the Dictatorship section.
  • Authority is a related idea, mentioned in the transforming church page.
  • Black Holes are also related to misplaced trust.
  • From the lecture on “The Possibility of Relationship”: Trust is a function of a shared vision. That doesn't mean the same vision, it just means compatible visions that have been communicated. One's vision must exist for another in their listening for trust to exist. Creating your vision for another person is, no doubt, something that must be done continuously.
  • Werner's definition suffers from the same problem as the Landmark view of Integrity: that restoring integrity when it's out is as good as having maintained it in the first place. I know this is a problematic thing to say, but breaking your word has consequences, and to restore integrity, words don't always cut it. The location of your integrity is in the other person's mind, so if they say “you have no integrity,” guess what! You have no integrity!! And you can be 100% responsible for it, always inquiring about what it would take to affect their perception about your integrity. Trust is the same thing: If you're lucky, you can get trust back with words.

Maybe Trust shouldn't be its own page; maybe it just goes in with Integrity.


Instructions issued to the emergent entity, (NOT to the people who make it up) with regard to all of humanity. Make things as generous as possible. Everything should be, and should occur as, a gift.

Make The World Work For Everyone - Be Excellent to Each Other and Party On - Wear Sunscreen

  • Part 1
    • To the greatest extent possible, give everyone what they need.
    • Show everyone a map of their life that is as complete as possible. It should show all the individuals in their lives, and all their groupings.
    • Explain the new paradigm and invite people to try it.
  • Part 2
    • Show everyone what works and what doesn't in their life. Listen generously to their complaints. Work with them to resolve the easy ones and give them the peace of mind of having those things out of the way.
    • Inquire into what they would like their lives would look like ideally, with all restrictions removed.
    • Make a promise to do everything in your power to have their life be as close to their ideal as possible.
    • To the greatest degree possible, break up the expectation people have that their life will never be their ideal.
  • Part 3
    • Fulfill on the promise of part 2: Give everyone what they need to become the person they want to be.
    • Give everyone an understanding of who they are; that they are part of a human identity; and what it means to be part of it.
    • Grant everyone the knowledge and tools to reprogram themselves to be the person they want to be, rather than the person they became maybe without intending to.
  • Part 4
    • Give yourself as a cause in the matter of, as a listening for, the integrity of everyone within themselves. In this way, cause their lives to work as they never have before.
  • Part 5
    • Ditto for integrity between people.
    • Bring community to life. Have the game be “you only win when everyone else does.” By so doing, give everyone a large and powerful community to work with.
  • Part 6
    • Give everyone everything that is needed to have a powerful relationship with reality.
  • Part 7
    • Cause people to improve the functioning of their lives by giving these gifts to others.

Being Scientific

  • Thinking errors
  • Demarcation Problem
  • Falsifiability
  • Pseudoscience
  • In general, shit that doesn't produce results

Disassociated Ideas

  • “What's important for you is important to me” depends upon giving up that I know what's important for you.
  • Compromise is temporary in nature. Temporary compromise is acceptable. Permanent compromise is not compromise. It's failure.
  • Errors indicate problems. Problems indicate solutions.
    • (This is something someone told me and I put here to study. Don't ask me to expand on it right now because I don't have the expansion.)
  • Almost nothing is as big a deal as you think it is.
    • If you think something is a big deal, you may be in judgment.
    • This almost certainly belongs on the judgment page.
  • Unattributed quote from the Social Nets: “I don't share my thoughts because I think it will change the minds of people who think differently. I share my thoughts to show the people who already think like me that they're not alone.”
  • “The Ball Point Game” which, among other things, can reveal failure-avoidant attitudes and behaviors.
  • Listening is a subset of paying attention.
  • Doubt is a thought based on past experience. Use it in a problem-solving way to make adjustments to my approach, to improve the odds of success.


:?: Is it acceptable to define spirituality as a connection to something larger than yourself and your community? Connection to humanity as a whole seems like a logical conclusion, but does it really encompass everything? Prove or find counterexample.

  • “Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience.” - Deepak Chopra


I should probably write an essay on Selection Bias and Confirmation Bias, and how they become a self-reinforcing cycle of self-fulfilling prophecies. That idea then needs to percolate through everything.

One can affect and alter their biases, and even leverage them to their advantage, through fairly straightforward means.

  • Noticing–identifying–being specific about–biases present in how we experience life
  • Carefully evaluating evidence for our point of view, and for other points of view
  • Selecting a different point of view
    • (There will always be a point of view. You can aim for neutrality, or you can aim for something else.)

This is one of those areas where powerful, personal sharing will make all the difference in the world in terms of effectiveness.

An example of how inserting a desired bias might be helpful in causing helpful changes:

Questions I don't know the answer to

  • I have no fucking clue how to deal with peoples' need for companionship–the “special someone” problem. I don't think I can solve that one.
    • Erik Erikson's stages of development deal with this; according to that theory, between the ages of about 20 and 40, humans are preoccupied with the question, “Can I love?” The ability to move onto the next question, “How can my life make a difference?” might depend on a positive answer to this.
      • It's not clear if this means that everyone needs another person.
    • This doesn't solve it, but here's an idea :?:: The need for the “special someone” is part of the drive to be important. You measure your importance in the world against a set of known metrics, one of which is whether you have the special someone, and how important you are to that person. This speaks to how important you are in the Whole Freaking Universe, how important you are to your community of family, friends and associates, and how important you are to your special someone.
  • Assumptions. It seems like they're only a problem when you either don't know you're making them, or don't think to question them at all. But how do you not make them? This requires research.

Not Addressed At All

  • Is money necessary for the world to work?
    • I've alluded to this, but not written about it, in the introduction to Zion.
  • How do you determine what you can do to truly serve someone?
    • Also, what gets in the way of being served, or being of service? (the answer, of course, is your identity; this needs to go in the process somewhere.)
    • This needs to go in Service.
  • Joy and Fulfillment versus Fun and Diversions
    • Suspicious irrelevant; probably to be addressed in addiction.
  • Asceticism
    • Mentioned in the page on transforming church. Needs to be fleshed out.
    • Maybe this could go in the Paradigm Shift of Part 1 as well?
  • Yūgen (幽玄)
    • Zen master D.T. Suzuki:
      • “Yugen is a compound word, each part, yu and gen, meaning 'cloudy impenetrability.'”
    • Zen monk Shotetsu:
      • “Could it be possible to explain the style of yugen as the feeling you obtain by seeing four or five finely dressed court ladies who are viewing cherry blossoms blooming in full at the courtyard of the South Wing?”
    • Zeami Motokiyo:
      • “To watch the sun sink behind a flower clad hill.
      • To wander on in a huge forest without thought of return. To stand upon the shore and gaze after a boat that disappears behind distant islands. To contemplate the flight of wild geese seen and lost among the clouds.
      • And, subtle shadows of bamboo on bamboo.”
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