In between 'Strategy' and 'Tactics', there are plans; they are made of Tactics and fit inside of Strategies. If this is a city, these are the blueprints for rooms and buildings.

The page for a tactic should contain:

  1. What Tactics are part of the plan;
  2. The goal, intention, or purpose of the plan;
  3. Clear distinctions of what is and is not necessary to fulfill on it;
  4. The specific steps to take, words to say, questions to ask;
  5. Warnings about what can easily go wrong; and
  6. Anything else that turns out to be necessary.

Some plans that already exist:

The next section is from an old page containing speculation about what plans might need to exist. The division into “parts” reflects a disparity I'm no longer committed to. PLEASE NOTE that I don't know if all these should exist as separate pages. Since pages on Dokuwiki are nearly impossible to move, please refrain from creating tons of new pages until we're sure what they should be called.

Part 1

There needs to be a conversation about “why” we're working on this thing we're working on, and why we're inviting you to be a part of it.

(This now exists, approximately, as Introduction.)



Part 2

What Doesn't Work: *sigh* I dunno if… I just dunno about this.

Problems With You: I don't like this title, though it does basically express the intended idea.

Judgment as part of part 2. I'm not sure if I want to make this its own conversation or make it a section of the Judgment page.

What It Will Take might be its own conversation.

Loving Yourself: Probably the right title.

Part 3

Part 3 is mainly about transforming what it means to be human. So that will probably be the structure of part 3. It also MUST be framed in terms of gifts to everyone; to the people involved, and the people not involved.

Integrity as part of part 3, which will consist of defining your criteria, creating strategies for measuring and reporting, etc. All that stuff.

Judgment as part of part 3. I'm not sure if I want to make this its own conversation or make it a section of the Judgment page.

Super Powers. Same quandary.

Your Buttons. Mistaken Assessments.

Commitment WRT Part 3 / what doesn't work for you about yourself / creating new commitments… yeah, this is kind of a jumble of ideas ATM.


Agency: I will expand this to include the Anthropic Principle, I think, maybe, wait, maybe not. Hmm.

Part 4

Integrity and Part 4, maybe its own page, maybe not. Deal with nothing working without integrity, and why having integrity is a service to yourself.

This might be a good place to re-examine what doesn't work for you, and maybe one of the things that doesn't work for people is that the people they love aren't getting this kind of service.

Part 5

What's Expected: This is the page about rigorous integrity; balancing your checkbook; cleaning your house; organizing your belongings; obeying traffic laws; etc. Maybe it needs to be split into more parts.

Part 6

Not sure how this should all be structured.

Part 7

Not sure how this will be structured at all.

Transformation of Specific Things


What should a defined conversation contain?

  • Intention
  • Detailed instructions and requirements for the leader
  • Possible pitfalls and instructions to prevent them or deal with them
  • What is necessary for the conversation to be complete
  • Things that are not necessary for the conversation to be complete
  • Maybe more? I'm not sure.
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