Intervals of Measurement

It makes sense to use different intervals for different measurements; for example, whether you're taking your medications makes sense to measure daily or more, and whether you're spending time on all of your hobbies makes more sense to measure perhaps weekly.

The Regular Inventory

This inventory is not intended to be a simple survey you fill out in five minutes. Some of the questions can be answered immediately, but many of them will require much reflection and thought.

Some questions would best be answered by making two lists demonstrating opposite points. For example, to answer the question “How often do your needs go unmet because of what someone else needs or wants?” you might make two columns:

  • My needs get met regardless of others' needs or wants
  • The needs and wants of others interfere with my needs

…and then putting specific instances and examples under each column.

Some questions might better be answered by experiences you've had. Extra credit if you write them down in a way that when people read them, they're motivated to do positive things.

This inventory can go in your user page if you have one, but you're certainly free to go through it in a more private and secure place.

  1. Basic Physical Needs
    1. Air, Water, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Sleep?
    2. Libido getting satisfied?
  2. Security Needs
    1. How afraid are you of not having enough?
    2. How afraid are you that something bad could happen? (Name your fears.)
  3. Love and Belonging
    1. How afraid are you of not being good enough?
    2. How is your relationship with yourself?
      1. How much love do you show yourself? (think “The Five Love Languages”)
      2. How is your discipline? (For example, how much do you do things you don't like, (especially delaying gratification) in order to give yourself something you want?)
      3. What is the quality of your self-talk?
      4. What labels do you apply to yourself?
      5. Are you setting and maintaining healthy personal boundaries?
    3. Do you have friends?
      1. Can you confide in at least some of them?
    4. Do you have a satisfactory level of intimacy with people in your life?
    5. Are you complete with your family members?
  4. Esteem
    1. (Note: These questions are asking for your person's perception, not reality. Your perception is your reality, even if it's not ultimate reality.)
    2. Do you have a place where you “belong”?
    3. Are you accepted by those people?
    4. Are you respected by them?
    5. What do others think of you?
    6. How important are you to others?
    7. How often do your needs go unmet because of what someone else needs or wants? (Think long and hard about this one.)
  5. Actualization
    1. Do you feel or believe that you are part of something larger than yourself?
    2. Do you feel or believe that you are contributing to your family, community, society, or the world as a whole?
    3. Are you satisfied with the quality of your life?

How long did you spend making this inventory?

What Doesn't Work For You

This inventory is essentially open-ended and doesn't have a lot of structure to it.

Disorganized Questions:

  • What doesn't work for you about the world?
    • Go nuts with this one.
    • Global problems, politics, war, famine, pestilence, everything is on the table.
    • Certain groups of people. It will be very important to create a safe space for these complaints to be spoken.
  • What doesn't work for you about people around you?
    • Look at the areas of your life from your life map and mention what doesn't work for you about each area.
    • Name names and write what doesn't work for you, or what you don't like about every person you can think of. It will be very important to create a safe space for these complaints to be spoken.
  • What doesn't work for you about yourself?
    • Write everything that comes to mind.
    • This is a safe space. You can write anything about yourself that you don't like or that doesn't work for you.
    • Write down every way you are that you wish you weren't.
    • Write down every way you're not that you wish you could be.
    • Write down everything you do that you wish you didn't.
    • Write down everything you wish you would do, or think you should do, and you can't or don't do them.
    • Is your diet balanced?
    • Are you getting enough exercise?
    • Is there anything about your body that doesn't work for you?

Your Dream Life

Also open-ended and not much structure. FIXME Create the structure.

The Identity Inventory

FIXME Motors, drives, fixed ways of being, relationship to reality, and complaints that haven't been addressed yet. (Agency; altruism; etc.)

  1. What is your unanswerable question?
  2. How do you deal with failure, when it's unrecoverable and you can't hide it?
  3. What card(s) do you play in order to get people to make things easier for you? (ie, “I've had cancer 4 times,” “I'm a gay black Mormon Republican,” “I'm from Detroit,” etc.)
  1. What are the underlying contexts and conversations that run your life?
    1. About yourself? (ie, “I'm broken and can't be fixed,” “I screwed up and can't fix it,” “I'm not worthy,” etc.)
    2. About other people? (ie, “everyone's out to get me,” “nobody loves me,” “nobody knows the real me,” etc.)
    3. About life in general? (ie, “Life's hard and then you die,” “life is just a bowl of cherries,” “life is like a box of chocolates,” etc.)

The Integrity Inventory

FIXME List of incomplete items

(This is where the conversation about the location of meaning would go… perhaps the heady part of that should be elective.) (Universe without Language)

The Reality Inventory

FIXME What is your relationship with reality? Do you deal with it on its own terms? Are you trapped in any Black Holes?

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