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 "​Straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel" "​Straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel"
 +I might find a name for this and fit it into the list of cognitive distortions.
 +=== Cognitive distortions ===
 +There are several lists out there by reputable doctors and therapists that have overlaps and differences,​ and some distortions are really just specific examples of a broad category of distortions. Here's an attempt at a list.
 +  * Confirmation Bias (filtering, over-generalization)
 +  * Selection bias ("​Spin";​ maximizing the bad and minimizing the good.)
 +  * Labeling ("I am bad," rather than "I did something harmful"​)
 +  * Fairness (everything in the world of "​Should",​ "​Heaven'​s Reward"​ fallacy)
 +  * Predicting the future (catastrophization,​ failure avoidance)
 +  * Control (change fallacy)
 +  * Polarized thinking (black-and-white,​ all-or-nothing,​ call it whatever you like)
 +  * Emotional reasoning (emotions and thoughts run backwards; we feel it, therefore it must be true)
 +  * Making things personal (they'​re almost certainly not)
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