You are not here because you are free; you are here because you are not free. You might think that you chose to be here today, but in fact, being here, now, chose you. The Matrix Has You.

What is the Matrix? It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. What truth? We'll get to that a little later. What you need to know now, is that the Matrix has you and it has me, and I want out, and when you realize what it is, you'll want out too.

What's Not Working about The Matrix

This section will be a list of inauthenticities about the Matrix, leading up to its central deception.

Probably out of order:

  • Motivation via fear of not having enough
  • Ignorance of emergence
    • Bureaucracy
    • It is a machine made of machines, in the same way that an ant colony is made of ants. It has an emergent quality.
    • Like the ants that make up an ant colony, we are the machines that make up the Matrix; and like those ants, we really, truly do not understand what we are doing as part of the Matrix.
  • Demanding more, offering less
  • Motivation via guilt
  • Motivation via terror
  • Knowledge from emotion, rather than from evidence.
  • black holes
  • We work for it; it doesn't care about us.

Structure of the Matrix

FIXME The tone of this section sucks.

The actual structure of the Matrix is visible:

There are three principle actors on people, and they are mainly exploitative in nature: the state, the church, and the corporation. The state is mainly interested in power, specifically, the ability to act on behalf on the people, without having to actually represent their interests. (The state is also interested in money, but only to further the goal of power.) The church is interested in control, or being able to dictate every detail of a persons life. (Also money, but again, only in service of control.) The corporation is interested in money, concentrating as much of it as possible into the smallest number of hands.

There are three principle actors for people, and they are mainly protective in nature: the media, the union, and the political action committee. The media is principally interested in getting correct and complete information into as many hands as possible. The union is interested in protecting people from abusive management, and also spreading wealth and income as equally as possible. The political action committee is there to ensure that the authorities actually represent the will of the people and serve their interests before their own.

  • Viewpoints (KK, KDK, DKDK)
  • So what is the Matrix? It's your point of view. And anyone who's really dedicated to saving the world needs to be dedicated to the overthrow of all points of view.

New Paradigm

Heretofore, the Matrix has motivated humans using fear:

  • Fear of not having enough (money becomes the carrot on a stick)
  • Fear of not being good enough (guilt becomes the spur pricking your side)
  • Fear of some big, scary thing (terror becomes the blinder keeping you from seeing reality)

I propose that these are unnecessary for motivating humans. I propose that by generously giving a human being all they need, their motivation will become internal–they will be motivated by generosity. “Pay it forward” replaces “pay it back.”


1. The Matrix begins serving its parts, rather than the other way around.

2. The accidental, it-just-happened-that-way shape of humanity gets replaced with a designed, planned, desirable form of humanity.

3. The world begins to work for everyone.

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