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Why does Measurement Matter?

First, if you don't have accurate and precise measurements, you can't possibly know if you're succeeding at your goals. Second, what you measure becomes what you focus on; perhaps what you obsess over; maybe even how you value yourself.

Enrollment as Everything

When Est began in 1971, the only measure was Enrollment, and it meant someone was moved to action by a new possibility. It was measured in terms of how many people signed up for the training, or the next seminar, or whatever.

Registration, Distinct from Enrollment

In the late 1990's (I think) Landmark Education created a distinction they called Registration, which is someone acually signing up or agreeing to do something. In their core documentation, they became very clear that enrollment does not cause registration and that, when the two are collapsed together, customers have the experience of pressure.

Business practices within Landmark changed to a large extent, and much of the “pressure” was removed. Much, but not all. People still complain that they feel “pressured” at most all events. Why?

Measuring The Unimportant

Even today, the only way Landmark Education measures the effectiveness of its enterprise is in terms of registrations. How many guests came to an event and how many registered are all in the domain of registration. This is inconsistent with their stated mission, which is to listen to and reliably deliver that which will make a real difference in what matters to people and what they're up to.

FIXME Unwritten idea: Registration into The Landmark Forum (etc.) is not an end unto itself; it is a means to an end. It is the ends for which you register that matter.

What Matters?

What matters to people is what they say matters to them. (Caveat: there are things that matter, but they've given up on, or they are resigned to, or cynical about.) A core practice of this thing–whatever it turns into–should be regularly measuring with people how they're doing in their personal goals, and also how much of their world works for them.

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