Ground Rules

Policies, protocols, principles by which this work really must be conducted.

Ultimate Goal

Who I am is the possibility of a world that works for everyone. This is what I am giving my life to.


Heretofore, the Matrix has motivated people with fear, whether it be fear of not having enough, fear of not being good enough, or fear of what's going to happen. As part of having the world work for everyone, one of the most important goals is shifting the way people are motivated.

I postulate that if a human being is truly and generously provided with everything they need, their fundamental motivation will shift from fear to their innate desire to express love and make a positive difference in their community. Defining and providing needs is difficult and will be a major part of the research that goes into this project.

Core Values


Integrity means being consistent. What you say agrees with itself, and what you do agrees with what you say. It is a precondition for what matters in life to work; in the absence of integrity, nothing works.


Stewardship means planting your flag in a piece of turf (so to speak) and declaring your future intention / commitment for it. That doesn't mean control, dominion, or ownership, or even that you'll be able to do anything at all to affect a given situation.

Think of it in these terms:

  1. Acknowledging what is so, honestly, completely and without judgment
  2. Who or what caused the situation to be the way it is, honestly, completely and without judgment (In other words, who actually did what, or failed to do what, leading to the situation, and doing so without shame, blame, guilt, fault, burden, or on the other hand, praise or credit.)
  3. Being responsible around all that (“I could have done this,”) again with no judgment. There is no logical reason to expect anyone to have behaved any differently.
  4. Completing whatever there is to complete from the past
  5. Declaring your stand and what actions you can / are going to take

Guilt, fault, blame, shame, burden, or on the other hand, praise or credit have to be removed from the equation.

When you've reached a space of no meaning, there are only two things that exist: what's so, and what you're going to do about it.


Community is the crown jewel of the core values. It is what will make a working world possible for more than one person at a time.

Community means that people take responsibility for each other. Since you can't very well take care of all your own needs, you must rely on others to help you. But that only works if others are actually supporting you. Therefore, it is necessary for a community of people to define this value for themselves: that I, as a part of the community, am responsible for the other members of my community, and having their lives work for them.

FIXME one's community must expand in order to make a world that works for everyone. Self actualization will motivate one to better their tribe, so the tribe needs to become the whole world. (By that, do we mean every individual, or existence as a whole?)

Obviously, I can't provide everything for everyone else, but I can do a lot, and together, we can build a world that works for everyone.


Singular Relationships

Dual (or multi) relationships are trouble. (One spouse is the other's direct supervisor; your piano student is also your liaison; etc.) It's vital that structures are put into place so that dual relationships are resolved, so that conflicts of interest don't create problems.

Separation of Powers

You can't measure your own integrity. Someone else has to measure it for you, and for that measurement to be fair and accurate, they can't have any other relationship to you at all. So it's important that governing power be divided between different, separate bodies.

Fair Thinking

Acknowledgement and correction of thinking errors, and choices based thereon, when they happen.


In service of building a world that works for everyone, distinctions between groups of people should only relate to issues of what people need and want in their lives. For example, racial distinctions aren't useful, because people of all races need and want the same things. Men and women are a useful distinction, at least medically, because the kinds of routine care men and women need are quite different. Distinctions of sexual orientation are probably unnecessary, because while what gays and lesbians need *seems* to be different, it's all part of a common need for love, companionship, sexual expression, etc. Gender identity issues, on the other hand, are helpful, because transgendered individuals need different things than gender-typical people.

As I think about this more, I'm not sure I've got this right. Feedback is appreciated.


Correct and Accurate Measurements

The key principle here is this: what you measure becomes your obsession, and what you obsess over becomes the basis of your self-worth.

It's not enough to have clear goals. You have to have ways of knowing whether you're approaching your goal or not.

Correct measurements means that what you're measuring is actually a fair predictor or indicator of what you're trying to accomplish. Your health does not correlate directly to the size of tomatoes you eat. Popularity is not a valid measurement of the truth of an idea. The price of rice in China doesn't mean anything. Make sure that what you're measuring reflects what you're trying to accomplish.

Accurate measurement is easier to understand: it just means making sure your statistics are correct, up-to-date, consistent with reality, and unbiased.


Source of Authority

I want to be VERY VERY CLEAR that we make no claim whatsoever to any divine authority or guidance, revelation, ancient secrets, or anything of the sort.

Freedom to Choose Belief

You are free to believe as you like. We insist on honesty and integrity on what you know and what you don't.

The Beliefs of Highest Integrity

These boil down to three basic principles: Know what you know, Own what you don't, and Believe Nothing.

Yes, this is not totally consistent with the Freedom section above. In service of the Ultimate Goal, the Beliefs of Highest Integrity are established as an ideal. The reason for this is because beliefs so often get in the way of human relationships, creating rifts between people with seriously dire consequences. There is also no use for belief; it serves no practical purpose, and what one believes in cannot be demonstrated. If it's demonstated, then you know it; if you don't know it, then own your ignorance; and don't put belief into the realm of that which is unknown or unknowable!

The inconsistency between these two sections is safe to ignore.


Nothing's really established yet.

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